360° Flood Protection & Storage Bag


The EVP is the first product of its kind offering flood damage prevention for your valuables. With protection from 24 to 36 inches of rising tide & floodwaters, it is designed to keep your valuable property safe from inclement weather. This a worry-free solution for both short-term and long-term storage and protection.

For long term storage, we strongly suggest the use of desiccants and/or vents to reduce moisture and condensation. Minor puddling is normal. 

We’ve designed it for ease of use and can be quickly set up in under 10 minutes with 2 people. Simply choose the size that best fits your use and start protecting your valuables today.

 Available Sizes:

  • EXTRA SMALL (108″ x 132″) – For your ATV, motorcycle, scooter, personal watercraft and portable machinery.
  • SMALL (124″ x 264″) – For Small Sports Cars (Miata scale), Small Classic Cars & Smart Cars.
  • MEDIUM (144″ x 288″) – For sedans (Crown Vic Scale), Hatchbacks & Standard Size Sports Cars. Also a great size for furniture storage.
  • LARGE (180″ x 288″) – For Mid Size SUVs, Mini Vans & Sports Wagons.
  • GOLF CART STANDARD (132″ x 168″) – For standard-sized four-seater golf carts.


WARNING: RISK OF SUFFOCATION AND ASPHYXIATION. Plastic Bags and Films Can Be Dangerous. To Avoid Danger of Suffocation and Asphyxiation, Keep This Bag or Film Away From Babies, Children and Animals. DO NOT IDLE VEHICLE WHILE IN BAG! Death May Occur From Exhaust Fumes if Precautions Are Not Exercised. THIS IS NOT A TOY. Do Not Use For Any Purpose Other Than Its Intended Use As Described By The Manufacturer.

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