Hail Mary Protective Windshield Cover


The Hail Mary adds a layer of protection between your windshield and falling debris. It can be used to protect your vehicle from hail as well as to keep your windshield clear of unwanted winter buildup such as snow and ice.

  • ULTIMATE WINTER PROTECTION: Constructed from thick durable heavy-duty energy absorbing closed cell material – Protects from snow, ice, rain, sleet, slush, water, hail, snowstorms as well as other winter debris & weather
  • FROST GUARD: Thermal shield traps heat ensuring an ice and snow-free windshield every morning, day, and night – This will leave the front windshield clean & clear, which will improve visibility and increase safety while on the road.
  • EASY TO SECURE: Quick installation – No tools required – Requires use of both front doors – PLEASE NOTE this item DOES NOT use magnets or suction cups
  • ANTI THEFT: Side panels close inside the front car doors to help prevent and deter thieves from stealing the windshield protector and from being blown away by the wind.

We GUARANTEE to prevent or reduce damage to your windshield due to hail and other flying debris from storms and wind.

The Hail Mary is designed and proudly made in the USA.


Regular: 57″ x 38″
Large: 66″ x 32″


Open the 2 front doors of your vehicle, lay the Hail Mary across the windshield, put the attached strapping inside the door jamb and carefully close the doors to secure. Put your wiper blades on top of the Hail Mary to secure the bottom from possible flapping. When properly installed, the Hail Mary is secure and theft proof.

Call us at 631-780-5312 to facilitate any returns, questions or comments.

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