At this time we are only offering our product online directly from our web site. Please visit our ordering section above for details. If you have an inquiry regarding bulk orders, please call or email us.

The ordering page contains a size chart which will guide you to the proper EVP bag size to order. Our bags come oversized to accommodate a range of size variations between model types so you can be assured of a fit no matter what.

The fit can be relatively loose with the exception of the front to back straps which will hold the entry end high on the roof to further prevent water seepage.

We recommend indoors avoiding extreme heat or cold. Long exposure to extreme heat or cold may impact the life & durability of the product.

The bag can be used multiple times for storage. But due to the potential impact a storm may have on the reliability of the bag after subsequent uses, it is recommended you use a new bag if the use is intended to defend against rising flood waters to ensure reliability.

Yes the EVP is made of 100% recyclable plastics.

The bag is designed with one opening to ensure better protection against water intrusion. Therefore it is recommended for safety reasons that 2 people be on hand to hold the bag open & one person slowly drive the vehicle into the bag.

We offer a 30 day limited warranty on all EVP products. If opened, EVP will charge a 50% restocking fee. Simply contact us via our contact page with your order number.

The EVP is designed to withstand high winds and rising waters for upwards of 24 to 36 inches (depending on car make and model) from rising tide flood conditions. However it does not prevent flotation or protection from large debris or collision with moving objects.

Yes, however we recommend a desiccant be utilized to reduce moisture, which can be purchased in our store.

The EVP is the only low cost emergency device available on the market to protect cars, trucks & SUVs against rising tide conditions in high risk flood zone areas. We offer an easy solution to increase the chances of your vehicle surviving catastrophic flood conditions for 24 to 36 inches of rising tide waters. Our high density material is tear and puncture resistant to help prevent failure under the approved conditions it is intended for.

Most orders are 3-7 day fulfillment. At this time we cannot guarantee quick ship dates or overnight orders. Be sure to plan ahead & order your EVP bags before storm & flood seasons.

If there are any questions that do not appear on the F.A.Q. that you may have, please feel free to contact us at and a representative will answer your question in as timely a fashion as possible. Thank you for choosing EVP to help insure the future of your car, truck or SUV investment.

  • Powersport Bag 108”x 132”
  • Small- 124x 264
  • Medium 144x 288
  • Large 180 x 288
  • And coming soon Xtra large 216×360
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The water and tear-resistant material is made from 100% recyclable high-density plastic.

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